SWOR charges an initial registration fee of $50/student, and then $30/month for kids, or $40/month for adults/advanced. A family discount is available for 3+ people, where the first two most expensive people are charged first, followed by $5/month for every person after that. Monthly fees are paid 3 months at a time after September.

A regular uniform costs between $30 and $50. Additional sparring gear may be purchasable through your club, usually between $20 and $50.


Example of fee schedule for a single kid:

Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June

$50 registration
$30 monthly dues
$35 uniform
$50 sparring gear

$90 monthly dues $90 monthly dues $90 monthly dues


To reach a SWOR club directly, follow the Club menu at the top of the page.



In 2014 and early 2015 Sensei Lawrence Blakemore of the SWOR group and Sensei Willy Lebrun of the Timmins Wado Kai Group, both past ranking members of the SWKKF and previous senate members met in Sudbury to discuss the creation of a new organization adhering to the policies and directives of the founder of the Shintani Wado-Kai Karate Federation, Masaru Shintani Sensei., 9 Dan.


The two groups entered into a joint venture to establish this new organization called MAPDA – The Martial Arts Promotional & Development Association.


The transition from the SWKKF to this newly established organization reflects the commitment that this association has towards the principles and concepts that Shintani Sensei instilled in his ranking black belts mentioned above and that are held as the basis of his teachings.


The new organization was structured and incorporated with a non-profit status on May 08, 2015. The first official meeting was held in Parry Sound on July 10, 2015 electing an Executive and a board of directors to oversee the operations of the association.


Notification was given to the SWKKF followed by a letter to the SWKKF general black belt population explaining the position and intent with the various options offered by the association.


The founders of the association will guide its membership in an established direction in conjunction with the teachings of Shintani Sensei following the association mandate to pass on the knowledge attained to future generations of members.


It is the goal of the association to promote and develop the art of Wado Karate-Do in all of its aspects and to create members who follow and uphold the principles presented by the founders of Wado-Ryu and the Shintani Karate-Do respectively.


All things can be resolved through communication, dialogue, and compromise if those issues are addressed with respect and humility.



It is without a doubt that Karate is the greatest elevation of achievement and Wado is the pinnacle of that elevation.

Sensei Lawrence Blakemore

Wado-Ryu – Hachidan

Hanbo No Shindo – Rokudan


Violent action may be understood as the way of the martial arts, but the true meaning of the martial arts is to seek and attain the way of peace and harmony.

Hironori Otsuka Sensei, Sai Ko Shihan

Founder of Wado-Ryu Karate-Do


Wado, way to harmony and peace, the finest quality of the human race, a total goal to peace on Earth. We the Wado students of Karate must be the leaders of unity and happiness throughout the universe, and guide our students to an ultimate human alliance with understanding.

Shihan Masaru Shintani, 9 Dan, Wado-Ryu. Wado Kai. SWKKF

Founder of Hanbo No Shindo

Purpose of MAPDA

To study, develop, and maintain the principles and teachings of the founder of Wado-Ryu Karate-Do & the Shintani Karate-Do based on honour, respect, loyalty, and humility. To further develop and institute the technical aspects of the Arts.


To adhere to the purpose of the association and to pass on knowledge to future generations through free and independent means.

Vision Statement

To promote our mandate and purpose to other martial arts through our actions and conduct. To promote the legacy of the respected founders.

Member Organizations of MAPDA

South Western Ontario Regional Wado Karate-Do clubs

Timmins Group