"Kata" is a grouping of techniques in a martial art that go by a particular name and are done the same way every single time. Although the "exactness" of the technique may change and improve as students progress, the concept of the kata never changes from White Belt to the highest rank of Black Belt.

Each rank has certain required katas, and supplementary katas. Required katas will be presented at gradings, while supplementary katas may be asked for (none may be asked for, or a selection, or even everything). Students should know every kata up to and including their rank.

Belt Required Supplementary

Aihon Kata
Pinan Shodan

Chonan Chonan (Adults only)
Yellow Pinan Nidan  
Orange Pinan Sandan
Sai Sho
Chonan Shodan
Green Pinan Yodan Tai Sai
Blue Pinan Godan Shopei
Brown Kushanku  
Shodan Nihanchin Chocodo
Nidan Saishan Sai Shun Tai
Sandan Chinto Kempei
Yodan Wanshu Gohonshu
Godan Gensho Gensho Shodan
Rokudan Rohai
Shichidan Jion
Basai Kata